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Moira Earle - Class of 2018

Nothing quite like the excitement of finally graduating. After 12 years of school, you're finally out and on your way to jumpstarting your career and going to college! Moira definitely had that excitement when she asked me to take her senior portraits. And my god did she ROCK this shoot. I can honestly say, if her future career plans don't work out, maybe think about modeling? AMIRIGHT?! We started out in a little downtown area in Carrollton, GA and worked our way to a little wheatgrass field where her older sister, Abby, joined her for some sister love. UGH. So cute. This shoot had to have been one of my favorite senior shoots and I'm just ITCHING to capture some more. Here's a little look into our session for you guys. Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed capturing it!


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